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April 08
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Beautiful Words (J, K)

When I call a word beautiful, sometimes it refers to the meaning behind the word. Sometimes it refers to how the word sounds as it rolls over the tongue.

 I just could not find any words that struck a cord in me starting with J or K. Especially K which I know can be such a pretty sound. I’m going to have to go through again and find more words.

Jacqueminot: (n) crimson rose

Jasmine: (n) a climbing plant; fragrant flowers

Jaunt: (n/v) short excursion for pleasure, brief stay

Javelin: (n) a throwing spear, athletic sport event

Jejune: (adj) naïve, juvenile, simplistic, uninteresting, superficial

Juniper: (n) evergreen tree

Kalon: (n) beauty that is more than skin deep

Kaleidoscope: (n) optical item that utilizes mirrors to create interior symmetrical visions

Kismet: (n) fate, fortune, chance, faith thereof

Knell: (n/v) to ring slowly and solemnly, funeral bell-ring

Koine: (n) dialect that becomes the standard language of a larger area

Krasis: (n) to add water to sacramental wine

Kurgan: (n) prehistoric burial mound

Kyrielle: (n) string of short lines in stanzas all ending with the same word

Kyriolexy: (n) the use of literal expressions

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