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May 06
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Beautiful Words (L)

When I call a word beautiful, sometimes it refers to the meaning behind the word. Sometimes it refers to how the word sounds as it rolls over the tongue.

Labyrinth: (n) maze, puzzling complex or circuitous plan

Lacerate: (v) to cut or tear irregularly, to distress, mangle

Laconic: (adj) brief in speech, matter-of-fact, terse, using few words

Lambent: (adj) glowing, gleaming, or flickering with a soft radiance, of humor or fire

Languid: (adj) characterized by disinclination for physical exertion

Laodicean: (n/adj) indifferent or lukewarm in politics and or religion

Lapis Lazuli: (n) gemstone of intense blue

Largesse: (n) the generous giving of gifts, a generous or courteous gift, charitable donation

Lascivious: (adj) lewd, lustful, prurient

Lassitude: (n) weariness, lack of energy or motivation

Lattice: (n) open framework of material, typically in a crisscross pattern

Lavish: (v/adj) expended, bestowed, or occurring in profusion, using or giving in great amounts

Legerity: (n) mental or physical agility, dexterity, or quickness

Leitmotif: (n) musical passage associated to a specific situation, character, or idea

Lemonade: (n) beverage typically consisting of lemon juice, sugar, and water

Lethe: (n) condition of forgetfulness, oblivion

Leveret: (n) baby rabbit, a young rabbit

Leviathan: (n) very large animal, especially a whale, something of unusually large size

Lexiphanes: (n) pretentious word user, bombastic or magniloquent person

Liaison: (n) illicit sexual relationship, case of contact between two parties, usually a person

Lilliputian: (n/adj) very small, tiny, pertaining to Lilliput

Lilt: (n/v) cadence of voice, rhythm of language or sentences, good vocal or musical structure

Limerence: (n) extended infatuation or crush, contrast love

Limn: (v) to delineate via depictions or suffuse things with light

Limpid: (adj) unclouded, clear, lucid, defined and deep

Linguistics: (n) the study of human speech, languages, and writing

Lissom: (adj) supple, easily bent, lithe, flexible

Listless: (adj) lacking energy or disinclined to exert effort, lethargic

Litany: (n) large amount, plethora, long and tedious address or recital

Literati: (n) intelligentsia, the educated class, clerisy, a group of litterateurs

Lithe: (adj) readily bent, supple, flexible, marked by effortless grace

Lithium: (n) silvery, soft, highly-reactive metal

Litterateur: (n) literary-minded person, one devoted to the study or writing of literature

Lixiviation: (v) act of separating soluble from insoluble substances via water or solvent

Loom: (n/v) the art of weaving, to come into view as a massive, distorted, or indistinct image

Loquacious: (adj) characterized by talking, talking freely or too much, excessively talkative

Lubricious: (adj) slippery with oil or lubricant, offensively lewd or intending to be lewd

Lucent: (adj) shining, gleaming, brilliant

Lugubrious: (adj) gloomy or dismal, especially exaggerated

Lullaby: (n) song or tune devised to lull something to sleep

Luminal: (n) of or pertaining to the lumen (the measure of light perceived by the human eye)

Luminary: (n) one who is an inspiration to others, one who attained success in a chosen field

Lunacy: (n) insanity, insanity with brief moments of clarity

Lunula: (n) white crescent at the base of the fingernail

Luscious: (adj) delicious, sexy, cloying, alluring

Lustrous: (adj) having noticeable or vivid luster and sheen

L’esprit de l’escalier: (n) “staircase wit” usage of a witty retort after the moment has passed

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