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May 15
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So, in Thane Appreciation Day spirit, I decided to find some of my older stories, fix them up, and see if they were worth posting. This one was. It was prompted by a friend. She wanted to see a jealous Shepard and I had a hard time seeing Shepard being jealous. But I tried.

Shepard had been recuperating on the pretty paradise of a planet for too long. Of course, she’d been saying that since she came off the drugs and stopped floating. She was pretty sure the head of the facility was still picking her jaw off the floor after seeing how much they paid for all the drugs considering what was needed to impair her anymore. She’d always had a bit of a tolerance for drugs and alcohol. But Cerberus made sure poison and such wasn’t going to be the death of her. At least not the normal amount it took to kill somebody.

Downside was that morphine didn’t do its job. Still, Chakwas got her a room and took care of her. Which was good, because if it wasn’t Chakwas Shepard would have probably of walked out (only to be carried back in by Thane when he finally caught her and then he would babysit her) and that would have been bad. But she was better now. New scars, still a bit tender, but she was good.

Still, she was expected to take it easy. Chakwas giving Thane explicit orders to not let her do her normal things. The drell had held her hand, nodding and smiling as he listened to Chakwas. Completely ignoring Shepard’s frown and pout. The man was getting far too good at that. So they made their way around the little community through the day, him making sure she got in all her exercise like she was supposed to. It was generally a good little vacation filled with bits of mind numbing pain. Which she tended to expect of her vacations or leaves after Elysium.

As the days went by Shepard, however, began to notice things. She knew Thane was exotic. He was alien and his species was rare. Moreover, he was a gentleman. His choice of clothes, all that leather, it  all made him attractive. His voice had that rumble and some of the things he’d say was poetic at times. And she’d be the first to admit that after they stopped being disconcerting the flashbacks were sort of tantalizing. Interesting- like stumbling on a lost treasure.

She understood this. These were why she became interested in him. Parts of the reasons she fell in love with him. So, when other ladies, and some men, got that smile or look in their eyes she didn’t take it personally. Shepard understood. It was okay that they were interested. She wasn’t that clingy overly possessive girlfriend. She was comfortable and safe in their relationship. When the ladies, and some men, started flirting she just smiled. If they were brave enough to get touchy she’d laugh and roll her eyes because obviously Thane wasn’t a man okay with that. Not with strangers.

However there were always those overly persistent people. They left a nasty taste in her mouth and made her snarl a bit. Especially the ones that tried to get in his pants when she wasn’t around. If they kept trying when she was present she figured they were a special kind of stupid that deserved more pity than anything. But those that tried when she wasn’t around, when she was across the room or something, they were the type that just made her angry. Because who the hell liked being a homewrecker? There was a special place in hell for people that didn’t care they were homewreckers. Shepard ran into these sorts of people before. Not with Thane since most of their relationship had been spent on the ship or shooting evil bastards in the face. There wasn’t really time for the homewreckers to attempt to sink their teeth in.

So, when she came down from their room and saw Thane, again, being harassed by the same woman as every other day, she admittedly got a little angry. And possessive. Shepard stood off to the side and watched, arms crossed and laughing at the brazen attempts. Girl was smoother than Shepard was at flirting, tramp had that going for her. Shepard tried to remember her name. She said it once. Not that it really mattered. She licked her lips as she walked over.

Thane spotted her first. She wasn’t sure if the man just had a radar for her or if it was that he was just aware of his surroundings. It could be either. However his smile didn’t last when he saw her expression. Thane grew up with the hanar and drell cultures. Which was one of the reasons he was such a gentleman. But it also meant some of the small human culture nuances went right over his head. Things like how she was flaunting her breasts at eye level. Or that she kept playing with her hair. Little things like that. So perhaps it wasn’t entirely his fault for not pushing the lady away. Because Shepard had only vague knowledge of how drell courted. Because, like she didn’t do that. She just straight up told him she was attracted to him and she wanted to do something about it. It was only after that she began looking into little things like this.

The lady finally noticed her, straightening and giving her a smile. A smile that used to hurt Shepard. It was a smile of a lady that grew up being pretty and didn’t see a threat in Shepard.  And this tramp was. Perfect oval face with big dark eyes and not a blemish on her face. No scars. She was shorter and had all the curves in the right places. She was the type of girl that grew up with fashion and makeup and being a princess. Whereas Shepard didn’t have any of that.

Shepard knew she wasn’t really ugly. She had strong features that weren’t classically pretty. But she had prominent cheekbones and an aristocratic nose. She had long chocolate hair and she actually had curves. She wasn’t exactly Miranda but she had busts and hips to be proud of at least. And she loved her scars. They were stories and memories. They were trophies and badges. She carried them with pride. So, Shepard wasn’t ugly. She just also had no talent with prettying herself up the way most girls did. Make up, fashion, that went right over her head. So she always had to rely on her natural charm and beauty. She didn’t wear clothes that showed she did have bust to be proud of. She wore a size-too-large-hoodie for comfort (and it was easier to hide a gun that way) or she wore something that allowed movement so she could kick ass. She was usually covered in dirt, mud, grime, soot, or whatever else landed on her during a mission more than makeup. Shepard had never been the princess. Even growing up she always played the knight or the villain.

It took a few hard years but Shepard eventually grew to be okay with who she was. She hadn’t always been the confident Commander that everybody knew. And if she didn’t honestly feel loved by Thane, she probably wouldn’t have been so confident walking up to this bitch. Shepard stopped when she was standing next to Thane, who was likely quickly catching up with what was happening (he was a smart man), and smiled in return. Thane stood, attempting to keep this from being bloody. Because it was unlikely (though not impossible) that the lady could take her on Shepard, even as tender as she still was.

“You’re leaving?” the lady said, even her voice had that perfect feminine edge to it. And a look at Shepard that said ‘with her?’ and Shepard raised an eyebrow in challenge. “I needed your help.”

“I apologize, but I believe my siha is in need of me right now,” he said, a hand at the curve of her back.

Shepard smiled. The lady frowned.Shepard figured she didn’t know who she was dealing with since Shepard left her hair down and wasn’t in armor or uniform. Though the N7 on her hoodie should have told her something, even if she wasn’t big on the military. N7 was famous. Maybe the girl didn’t think it was a real N7? Shepard sniffed, deciding it didn’t matter. She turned to leave with Thane, feeling much like a champion when she really didn’t have a reason to be.

“So, later?” the girl pushed.

Shepard spun on her heel, getting straight in the woman’s face. “No, I don’t think he will be coming back anytime soon. So, you can ply your trade elsewhere,” she said before giving her a fake smile.

She gave an indignant gasp. Shepard had the vain hope the woman would slap her or hit her. She knew she could get in that one hit to end the fight before Thane could grab her and stop her. But the woman seemed to finally realize that Shepard was dangerous. She stepped back, frowning and wary, and Shepard gave a smirk. Thane’s hand landed on her arm and she turned, pulling him in for a kiss. For a moment he was stiff. Then he relaxed and his hand slid up to her neck, the other on her hip. When she pulled away he shook his head. “That was cruel, I think, Siha.”

She gave him a lopsided smile, pushing him gently back. “I’m not done yet,” she said.

“Shepard, you were going to hit her,” he said, voice soft as if he was trying to find a reason to fight this. She didn’t disagree as she pushed him into the empty elevator, dragging her tongue along his neck to pull that sensual rumble from him. He took a deep breath, hand snapping to push the button for their floor with excitement that contradicted his words.

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