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May 27
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I’d love to have some writing prompts again guys. Especially Mass Effect because I feel like writing that and I just don’t know what to write. So- prompts. Words, scenarios, just pairings.

If not Mass Effect any of the other fandoms I’m in. Dragon Age is the other obvious one. I’ve never tried to write Avengers, but I’d be willing to try I guess (be nice tho). You can also ask to meet some of my original characters as well if you want. I mean, whatever. I just want to write drabbles or snippets. Not long story things that I’ve been writing.

So, yeah.

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  2. toospoopyninja said: Cortez and femShep (thane-romance) confiding in each other over their lost loves.
  3. avalises said: Are there any characters/pairs you prefer writing? o:
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