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May 27
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Garrus and Miranda and a conversation about bratty sisters. o: (Hope this isn't too off the wall)

So this is the first time for Miranda as well. Thank you, my darlings, for pushing me out of my boundaries. Having a sister, I thought this would be easy. It wasn’t.

Miranda couldn’t say she was a fan of Garrus. Not because he was an alien. She didn’t hate aliens. She just didn’t have much to relate to the turian. And, personally, it didn’t help that it was easy to feel replaced by him. She was supposed to be the XO of the ship and officially she was. And yet everybody could see that Garrus was actually who Shepard turned to. It was petty, perhaps, but it was not something she could change.

She was surprised to suddenly find she was having a conversation with him. A real conversation that wasn’t about a job. “Solona was a brat,” he said, leaning on the console. “She always was able to get her way because she was smart enough to never get caught. And being older she had such an ego about everything.”

Miranda laughed at his expense.

“And the fights we’d get into. We were close enough to the same age. So I was always allowed to hit her and her me. We’d end up running around the entire house snarling and screeching at each other.”

Miranda tried to imagine it and couldn’t. “Oriana keeps sending me vids. At first I was pleased with how… funny she could be. Now her snark is going to get her in trouble.”

Garrus chuckled then and she glanced at him. “Doesn’t it always?” he muttered. “Problem with you is that you can’t teach her respect. No repercussions to her words. She’s going to become a loose cannon.”

Miranda hummed. “I keep her in line.”


She just smiled. “She’s my genetic twin. Doesn’t mean she’s as educated as I am in the ways of technology.”

“You lower yourself to Joker’s level? Oriana is good.”

Miranda glared up at him, hand on her hip. “I’ll have you know my returns are always… classy.”

Garrus’ mandibles flared in his humor. “Talk to Joker. He’s good. If… when me and Solona are talking again I’ve got an arsenal waiting.”

Miranda never admitted she took Garrus’ advice. Nor did she admit that she came around more often, listening to him as he opened up about him and his sister. Because she needed tips on how to be a big sister and he needed an ear for his troubles.

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