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June 05
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Do not reblog anything else from massive-hiddles-fan. The “new” pictures of Tom that they posted are his PERSONAL photos from his facebook, which they hacked and took the photos from.

This person has invaded the privacy of Tom Hiddleston and has completely disrespected him as a gentleman and as an actor. They do not deserve any bravado for what they have done, and so you should completely detach yourself from them and cease reblogging these “new” photos of Tom. (They are in photosets involving him with a dog, on a ski trip, at the beach, on a bike, etc.)

In fact, this could be considered harassment toward Tom Hiddleston. I would suggest blocking them and then using the new links that appear to report them for harassment.

This is unacceptable behavior, and they have no right to label themselves a “fan.” Fans respect the ones they love—they don’t invade their privacy and disrespect them entirely as this person has done.

#PLEASE BLOCK THIS PERSON AND REPORT THEM #they are acting so fucking gross right now and are continuing to #frankly if you like/reblog their photos instead of blocking and reporting them you can unfollow me right now

This ^

This shouldn’t happen to anyone, but especially him. He’s been nothing but warm and welcoming to his fans and has given so much of himself. Much more than is required of him. He deserves the best kindness we can show him in return.

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