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June 05
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Snippet: Guest

So more of Pasha. Third time I’ve posted with him and Ariel now (this one even as Sinclair, Ariel’s sister). Had fun with this- Sinclair is enjoyable in a horrible sort of way.

Pasha is forced to be a guest in Sinclair’s home. As such, he’s forced to have a little chat with the demonic woman.

Pasha was learning much about Ariel’s half sister. Like, she was actually more polite than Ariel. But then she was a better actor than Ariel as well. It was, in fact, difficult to tell what was a lie and what was mixed with truth. He licked his busted lips and reclined back into the chair.

Sinclair was fair like her brother. Long hair braided down her back, the loose silk robe embroidered with elegance and grace. She was wearing her charm at the moment, violet blue eyes large and sclera white. Her lips perfect and red, tracing up in a sinful shape. Her nails filed to perfection, rounded and painted, fingers long and musically inclined. Everything hid the horrible monster she actually was.

She turned away from the mirror when she finally spoke. “I’ll admit, Pavel- I was not expecting for it to be you gracing my home.”

Pasha said nothing in return, scratching as the hanging skin around his wrists where the manacles had torn it as he watched her.

“That Ariel chose James over yourself- is it a sign of trust you think?” She made her way over to him. “Or do you justify it by saying he did not actually choose? That simply given the circumstances he could not get to you?”

Pasha blinked a moment, considering. In the end he settled on, “I’m not sure why it matters what I think, ma’am.”

She traced the scar that cut up his chin with a nail, smile turning cruel almost. Though still hidden just enough under her pretty mask. The charm spell was losing. “I see why Ariel likes you, you know. You are a silly, darling little pet. Like a dog. Loyal, adept, useful, and quite handsome even.”

“Thank you.”

Her nail began to bite into his skin. Pasha didn’t flinch. “But you are an old pet, are you not? He has had you follow him around for quite a while now. I cannot say I know all the details but I’ve figured out enough. I have not yet figured out why you are so loyal, but perhaps that does not matter. All that does is that you are.”

Pasha listened. It was all he was ever really good at. Though he had been better once. Once when he could actually Listen to the world, spirits, nature, instead of just people. But he had lost that, fallen, and was impure. Now, he listened to people. Mostly to Ariel- now to Sinclair. She was angry, hurt, spiteful. She was vicious, mean, and jealous. Her sclera bled black, the dark blue of her eyes disappearing as her teeth elongated. Her nail dug into his jaw and throat as she towered over his seated position.

She breathed heavily above him, fingers dragging as she forced his head to stretch so she could watch his blood trickle down into the shirt she had given him. “I preferred you with the charm,” he said.

She snapped back, suddenly so very human again. With all the ladylike coy manners as she pulled back her hand. He reclined back into the chair, pressing the wounds in a vain attempt to stem the bleeding. She licked her nails, all lust and temptation- perfectly trained. He didn’t rise to the bait.

“Apologies. You are my guest,” she said, and he didn’t believe a word of it. Her eyes lit up as she tasted his blood. “You have magic in you, Pavel,” she all but cooed. “Ariel was smart to ensnare you.”

Pasha felt a sharp need to defend Ariel. He never once used a charm or trick on him. Ariel had always been honest enough. Still, Pasha was no man of words and bit his tongue.

If she noticed she said nothing. She stepped forward, seating herself in his lap as he moved to make room for her, cautions but unable to do anything about it, he slung his arm over the back and watched her. “I have always thought you a darling pet for Ariel. I know the feeling. I used to have a pet dog once. Poor thing was mauled by a mountain lion. But he was adorable and loyal and so much like you.” She fixed the collar of his shirt. “You won’t believe me so I won’t lie. I bit James in a jealous attempt of taking something my brother wanted. The first bite. You humans place importance on virginity- us, on the bite. I took it. I scarred him. I stole his essence and drank it.

“It was not for you. Not to try and help you keep Ariel for yourself. But I would not have been upset, Pavel, if it had worked out that way.” She slid her hands down his chest, humming a bit before continuing. “James is special in that he is so naive. It is almost unheard of where I am from. Where Ariel is from. He is as tempting as you are with your raffish ways. And, I fear, Ariel might be looking for a change. We are fickle creatures, so long lived are we.” Her hands slid back up, finding his pulse.

Pasha heard the beginnings of another story. A story of somebody Sinclair loved who was fickle. Somebody she had cared about- if she wasn’t loyal to. It was hard, a bit, to see her loyal to anybody but herself. To her own needs and enjoyment. But she was not emotionless and she cared about somebody. And it was easy to see them crushing her in a way she hadn’t be expecting.

Pasha did not speak of this. Instead he shrugged. “It is his choice who he travels with.”

She pouted. “Are you so lacking in self worth that you don’t think you deserve the right to fight for his affection? For his love and friendship and loyalty? To have what you put into it returned to you?”

Pasha smiled a crooked smile at her. “Don’t tell me you of all people are going to try and convince me otherwise?”

That cruel jagged smile returned. “Oh no darling. You are worthless. A toy and a prize. What makes you any better than any of the other ants out there is that you are interesting. And you are Ariel’s. That means I will take you, break you, dominant you, and throw you back to him. Show him what happens when he leaves his toys laying about my home.”

Pasha congratulated himself for not shivering in response.