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June 28
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What If- Control Ending

A short fanfic about the Control Ending.

The Reapers were gone. They had been there, silent terrifying guardians for so long that even Liara had almost forgotten what it was like before them. Mostly on the days she made herself forget about the days Before. The days with Shepard.

Or The Shepard as she was called now.

Liara had quickly begun to investigate. She was no longer the Shadow Broker- that no longer existed. But she was a Matriarch now and had many contacts. Her first was to EDI. Between the both of them they were able to spot the problem. They were able to track down a likely suspect- somebody who wasn’t even a ghost. Somebody who had never existed it seemed.

She led the way in the base, scared and thrilled at the same time. It had been so long since she had done anything except advise. To sit in beautiful gardens with the Stargazers and discuss trivial things. Now she was again in armor and it almost felt like being home.

The door hissed open and everybody stilled, the silence suffocating. The woman stood before a grand window. Nobody could say it. And yet everybody heard it. It was Shepard. But no. It was The Shepard. A machine that was built around their beautiful Commander. Everything about it perfect, a crafted piece of art, a piece of history it seemed. The Shepard stared at them, once blue eyes now yellow.

Sitting in the chair, in the shadows, was the Nobody. He had eyes like the Illusive Man, Liara thought. “You’ve come. I knew it would be you. Relics from the past. Good. You will see. It is most important that you see. See as I take control of our God, of The Shepard. All the Guardians, our God. They are mine now!” He cackled.

Liara felt her hands tremble as she screamed. But it was not heard. Not between the angry, and yet impeccably sad, wail of the Tank Bred to her left and the windows that shattered against the sound of approaching Reapers. What was not overlooked was the biotic wave she launched at all of them, tears streaming down her blue cheeks.

They barely were able to get out, Grunt raging and angry. Unable to cope with sadness he grew mad. She was a mess, leaning against a tree and trying to catch her breath. It was EDI that was the voice of reason. Her form had changed over the years, the Dr. Eva body degrading over time. “We must leave. Find a new star and regroup. Contact Samara perhaps. And Wrex- he is old but he has knowledge. Then find another.”

Both of them glanced at her.

"Another Commander," she said quietly, the emotions now normal from her. "Train them to face Shepard and figure out this new threat. Regain control of the Reapers. Or destroy them."

Grunt did not approve. “Nobody is as good as Shepard. I’ve never found anybody good enough!” He paced.

Liara hated it but agreed with EDI. “There is always another Grunt.”

He bared his teeth at her, his scars and crest ominous in the lighting of the rising sun. “You can’t train somebody to fight Shepard anymore than you could train us to fight a Reaper,” he said before stomping passed her towards their shuttle.

She felt her heart grow cold.

Because that was the truth.