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July 15
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Original Prose

I’ve been getting more and more into my original fiction again but it’s hard because it’s been so long since I’ve touched a lot of my stories, and as such characters (Months for some, years for another) and so I’ve been writing more drabbles and snippets by finding some prompts.

Anyway, some more of Pasha and co.

Also let me know if my theme makes it too hard to read my fiction for anybody. I really don’t want that.

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June 23
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Snippet: Beginning

Another snippet about Ariel and Pasha. Pasha’s POV. Not really the beginning of the story, but the beginning of their relationship. Again a mention of Ariel’s sister being a tit because she is.

Nobody from Winterdome ever left because nowhere else would provide such challenge for the natives and nobody ever wanted to go to Winterdome because that was a stupid idea.

Which was why Pasha was more than shocked to find the man in front of him asking if he knew the way.

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June 20
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Snippet- Words

Another small snippet exploring my OCs, Ariel and Pasha. I have to say this might be one of my favorite things I’ve written in awhile.

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June 05
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Snippet: Guest

So more of Pasha. Third time I’ve posted with him and Ariel now (this one even as Sinclair, Ariel’s sister). Had fun with this- Sinclair is enjoyable in a horrible sort of way.

Pasha is forced to be a guest in Sinclair’s home. As such, he’s forced to have a little chat with the demonic woman.

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May 20
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Pocahontas makes a new friend.

March 23
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“It’s ridiculous when some people look down upon Ariel because she changed because of what she truly wanted before she met Eric but then they go on to praise the guys who changed like Beast and Flynn. Double standards much?”

Goodnesss, where do I start with Ariel? First off, Beast changed for the better. He worked hard to change his bad habits. I haven’t seen Rapunzel. Second off, I have no problem with Ariel going after what she wants.

My problem was what she wanted. She wanted to be a human. Humans who constantly eat her friends. Her people. She is a princess and the fish are her subjects. She wants to turn into a human. How is that overlooked by her? Her best friend is a fish and a crab. She even is sitting at the damn dinner table and see’s Sebastian on the plate. Is that not a wake up call?

Second, she is completely irresponsible. And unrepentent. She is the King’s obviously favorite daughter and is spoiled (which is more annoying really than a total fault). We don’t see her change. But she misses the concert that was for her. And obviously that isn’t a one time thing by the way Trident and Sebastian act. She constantly ignores Sebastian which is just plain rude.

Trident isn’t perfect. He had anger issues and obviously was controlling. But you see throughout it all that he does love his daughter. He’s not perfect but he is a good father. Eric is just as selfish. His kingdom is on the line and he won’t get married. Generally speaking, while he is a wonderful character, he comes off as an irresponsible prince.

My real concern with the entire thing is the ending tho. Eric’s kingdom is obviously a port sort. So do they stop fishing because of Ariel? Thus damaging the economy. Or does Trident overlook the crimes to his people so that the humans can feast on them? Does he help with the fishing to let the kingdom prosper? I try not to think about Melody (who I hated the first time I watched the sequel so I haven’t seen it in ages) but I don’t think this was addressed.

I’d probably have less questions and complaints if growing up it wasn’t my sister’s favorite movie. Because watching it as much as I had to did not help with any sort of loving feelings I might have had for it.

March 14
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I firmly believe that if Ariel was a boy, (and Eric was a girl) her actions wouldn’t be criticized even NEARLY as much.

Well, you’d be wrong. I’d still say s/he would be stupid and creepy as fuck for what s/he did.