I found a fellow ME fan on Omegle...
You: well, to be fair the Batarians start a lot of shit
You: something goes wrong in the ME universe...must've been a Batarian
Stranger: Fuck 'em.
Stranger: Abruptly disconnected from wi-fi? It's the Batarians' fault.
You: Can't steal wifi because it's password protected? Batarian scum.
Stranger: Took a wrong turn and ended up at a Nickelback concert? It's the Batarians' fault.
You: Oh god
You: don't even joke about that
You: fucking war crimes over here
Stranger: LMAO
Stranger: Something tells me Nickelback would be very popular on the Batarian homeworld.
You: The Hegemony is Nickleback
Stranger: :O
Stranger: An interesting theory.
Stranger: Are you suggesting that Chad Kroeger is a shapeshifter?
You: Indeed
You: that long hair and beard is to cover the second set of eyes
Stranger: It all makes sense!
You: and those cheek flaps
You: >:O
Stranger: Time to make a 2 hour documentary about the Nickelback Theory.
You: And spread it on tumblr
You: while sending 100 copies to Bioware headquarters because of reasons
Stranger: Flood the BioWare HQ with Nickelback CDs, rather.
Stranger: "That'll teach 'em!"