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July 29
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Dean Winchester as described by Dean Winchester

July 26
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A moment. A being, self-reflecting. Perhaps a man, perhaps not. He can look back on this now and understand that this was his turning point. Why would an angel ever need to doubt as severely as this? Why would an angel need to plead to a father who claimed so much love, and yet shed almost none? Why would an angel need to make a decision to destroy so much to protect one man… he could lie and say he was protecting all, but truly? Only one. One simple, complex man-  


“Yeah, Cas?”

“I apologize.”

Dean could brush it off, pretend like he understood but- they were trying to move past that weren’t they…

“What for?”

A pause. So human.

“For not turning to you…”

Tilting his head toward the window, avoiding eye contact but wait- no. Looking at this half-man… they were moving forward.

“…it’s okay.”

May 19
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I enjoy the fact that Castiel would take back being a pacifist and not fight to protect Dean. He will always be willing to spare his life for Dean, for his safety. If Dean’s going down, Castiel will go with him. He is his true Guardian Angel. 

(neither Gif’s are mine) 

First off, I am glad Dean and Cas went together and Sam went by himself. I know there was no other option (I mean, even non Destiel fans have to admit that would just seem so wrong). Still, it made me happy. I also squealed like a moron when they went to the impala. Which is crazy because it’s a car. But apparently that doesn’t matter.

To more important thoughts: I also loved his thoughts with Dean about death before this. I honestly believe one of the things he was worried about was staying alive, as a pacifist, and then Dean and Sam go and die fighting. And he would have to live the rest of his life knowing full well that everybody believed that he could have had a hand in keeping them alive. Giving them a better chance. But then, the other thought was coming back alive after being killed. His punishment as he called it. Dieing in this fight, coming back, and then finding out Dean and/or Sam died. And he would have to be alive in the shitty world knowing they were dead. I think that was one of the reasons he didn’t want to fight. He was scared of coming back again and Dean not being there.

May 05
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You know, I never really expected them to give us Destiel- never straight up- but they didn’t have to beat at my ship with Meg so brutally.

But then, I should have been expecting this.