What If- Control Ending

A short fanfic about the Control Ending.

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I Don’t Understand.

So, honestly, am I the only one who doesn’t like the whole Joker/EDI thing going on? I’m also not big on the whole Garrus/Tali thing, but at least that doesn’t actually make me cringe. That’s just more I never saw the chemistry right up until they suddenly got together. Joker/EDI really bothers me. EDI’s body really bothers me (after the Asari we needed a sexy robot? There are times I feel as a girl gamer I am losing out on a bit- I mean, the cutscenes! The camel toe!).

Can’t we just go back to ME2 where they were funny? EDI is still mostly amazing as is Joker. I just don’t like them together. But if I don’t help their relationship I’m like the biggest asshole on the ship. It is a dilemma.