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March 19
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I Don’t Understand.

So, honestly, am I the only one who doesn’t like the whole Joker/EDI thing going on? I’m also not big on the whole Garrus/Tali thing, but at least that doesn’t actually make me cringe. That’s just more I never saw the chemistry right up until they suddenly got together. Joker/EDI really bothers me. EDI’s body really bothers me (after the Asari we needed a sexy robot? There are times I feel as a girl gamer I am losing out on a bit- I mean, the cutscenes! The camel toe!).

Can’t we just go back to ME2 where they were funny? EDI is still mostly amazing as is Joker. I just don’t like them together. But if I don’t help their relationship I’m like the biggest asshole on the ship. It is a dilemma.

March 17
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Why Bioware?! (Spoilers I guess)

First I almost lose Grunt, then Mordin goes and dies with Eve, and then I watch Thane get gutted by some asshole.

And, worse, Thane is not mentioned again until dream time. Really? Garrus, Shep’s BFF doesn’t mention him? I don’t mind that he died (though I’d have liked an option to save him but then, ya know, fangirl). I get it. It’s ME3 and Shep has hard choices. Can’t save everybody. I get it, I do. And honestly, after ME2 I was actually really okay with my Shep getting dead and walking on a beach and meeting Thane there. Or just walking into the light to him. Or something. But we don’t see Kolyat again (unless I missed it) and he’s not mentioned. Unfair.

Lot’s of things seemed wonky tho in game. And that makes me sad. The Joker/EDI thing creeps me out (mostly anything to do with EDI anymore). As much as I wish Joker to be happy that just- it bothers me. And James totally should have been an LI. I even think it was leaked that he was. And then he was dropped. WTH? James is amazing and I would make a Shep for him if I couldn’t romance anybody before him (as hard as it would be for me to do so). Kaiden/Ashley is a wreck- I want to punch them repeatedly throughout the game. Honestly, Garrus seems to be the only good LI (having not tried Allers or Traynor yet. Or gone through with my Manly Shep yet) since I just don’t like Liara. Period.

Javik impressed me though. Didn’t expect that, so thumbs up there.

Still, I was expecting better. The game is good. It’s just, being the last and all the hype- I guess I was just expecting to be blown out of the water with so many emotions. I think mostly I just wish Thane could have stuck around longer. I’m still hurt over that. Especially Kolyat’s last line. I don’t know. I’m just going to have to go and fanfiction the hell out of my head canon and make life pretty and wonderful again- and mostly ignore what actually happened for a while.