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Posted on Jan 21— 1 year ago
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Posted on Aug 18— 1 year ago
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“You’ve been looking for me for two years?”
“We visited Therum. Feros. Noveria. Virmire. Ilos. A dozen unsettled worlds. The trail ended at Normandy’s wreckage. You were not there.”

Posted on Aug 10— 1 year ago
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Posted on Jul 03— 1 year ago
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Thank you guys so much

I honestly am surprised at all the likes and reblogs I’m getting for my Shrios (and to a lesser extent the Legion) fic I’ve posted. It means a lot to know people like my little ficlets.

I love all of you for them.

Posted on Apr 14— 2 years ago


legion: Shepard commander, this unit has moved to a new minimized platform for better infiltration work. you can now bring us with you everywhere.


I’m so in need of some Legion related thing that if I don’t make up something I’ll die.

Legion is always adorable. But this- this is wonderful.

Posted on Apr 11— 2 years ago
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Legion Fanfic


My first attempt at trying to actually write Legion. Which was odd but I am rather proud of how it was written. Posted up on Archive of our Own as well. Of course, I love comments and criticisms.

Summary: Legion growing into his own identity.

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Posted on Apr 07— 2 years ago