thane is amazed at how little she knows herself. how she seems unaware of the flow of her body or the mesmerizing hitch in her breath just before she pulls the trigger. how she pulls others to her and lets them orbit for just long enough, and how she sends them back out with something whole that hadn’t been before.

he is amazed at how she flinches when he kisses down her spine, and how she seems astonished by her own body’s reactions to his touch. he is amazed that she does not seem to know her own heat or strength. when her nails bite into his skin he shivers, and he is amazed that she seems surprised by the reactions she causes in him.

thane is amazed by shepard, nearly always. and he is mostly amazed at the way she sees only half of herself — only the destruction, the death and carnage. he knows what that half-life is like, and he amazes himself for the first time in years when he decides to help her find her other half.

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