So I finally finished The Necromancer’s House by Christopher Buehlman and I’m so glad I’m fucking done with it.

Spoilers for those who think they might want to read it.

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preferred pet names:

  • queen
  • empress
  • supreme overlord
  • officer
  • the lawful judge
  • president
  • führer

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I just saw a post on BSN saying how Liara is weak and poorly written because she was “crying like a little bitch” after Thessia and that she should’ve gotten angry to the point where half the crew needed to forcefully calm her down to validate her Shadow Broker status



You know, I didn’t really mind her crying. I mean it’s pretty fucking sad to see your entire world being destroyed. And sadness was bound to happen. And, let’s be honest. Liara has never really been a badass character. She has never been the character to get mad and rage and shit. She ‘hardened’ the same way Alistair ‘hardened’ in Dragon Age. Which is to say, they realized the world wasn’t really out to help them. The world was mean. And the world didn’t give a fuck. But they aren’t badass stoic motherfuckers.

But just because she’s not badass doesn’t make her weak. For all my general indifference for her, and all my dislike for the asari and Thessia as a whole, I did not actually think twice about her crying. It didn’t make her weak or lesser. Emotions are not weaknesses. She had a temper tantrum with Javik when he refused to coddle her and she cried. I will be the first to admit it annoyed me and the first to admit that I didn’t want to coddle her anymore than Javik did (part of it was I was tired of all the fucking screentime she got and also because I was pissed with the asari as a whole at that point).

But it was in character for her to breakdown and cry. Be honest. I don’t see Shepard crying like that or Garrus. They’re worlds are completely and utterly fucked. They didn’t cry. But it’s not really fair to compare her to the two of them (even tho she’s been in the fight since the beginning and she should have known this was coming- at least the destruction. Learning your entire species cheated their way to the top and the fucked themselves over by not coming clean sooner would be a surprise) she’s not like them. Liara is pretty soft and sweet for a soldier that’s seen the sort of hell she has.

And, just to reiterate, crying isn’t a weakness. Not if you can have your cry and then get up and do something about it. Which she did. She didn’t stay down and whine and cry. She let it all out, picked herself up afterwards, got her gun, and was ready to fuck up some Reapers. That should be respectable.

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