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January 22
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My one thought on Supernatural or Desitel ever probably but there was a conversation on freckles today and about how they’re kisses from angels and stuff which isn’t new. But then I thought of Supernatural and I don’t know how much of this is out there already but yes I’m sharing.

Everybody knows Dean has all kinds of wonderful freckles that the fans love. And it’s a thing that Cas totally stares and counts the freckles right? I know some people think the freckles come from Cas. But what if they didn’t? Dean was the vessel for Michael and he was loved by the angels from his birth because of his fate. 

What if Cas stared at the freckles because they were kisses from other angels. From Anna and Micheal and all the others. What if he stared at first wondering about the kisses and then eventually became jealous of them and felt a need to replace them? What if he found and counted all the freckles all over Deans body in a desperate need to possess? The mark on the shoulder he could have fixed. He mended both Dean’s soul and Dean’s body but left the mark. What if from the beginning he had some sort of dislike of everybody else leaving their marks on Dean who he thought was his and in an act of odd rebellion that he didn’t understand left the hand print? He wasn’t sure why but he had to leave the scar and if the others asked he had no answer. And so everybody started to see Cas slipping from the very beginning.

November 11
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I totally wish we’d gotten some Bela and Dean love on Supernatural. If Bela hadn’t been written into a corner and forced to die- both because some fans are complete morons and because I don’t think the writers had planned well enough to take care of a character like her- I honestly would have liked more of Bela and Dean.

They had good chemistry and if they have developed Bela enough (and Dean as well) than I really think it could have been amazing. And hot.

November 09
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I mean, really.

June 16
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June 13
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the water was swallowing your neck but i couldn’t see it.

June 11
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We’ve talked about this, personal space.

June 09
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panties? what panties?

May 24
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100 Beautiful Souls - Jensen Ackles

May 19
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I enjoy the fact that Castiel would take back being a pacifist and not fight to protect Dean. He will always be willing to spare his life for Dean, for his safety. If Dean’s going down, Castiel will go with him. He is his true Guardian Angel. 

(neither Gif’s are mine) 

First off, I am glad Dean and Cas went together and Sam went by himself. I know there was no other option (I mean, even non Destiel fans have to admit that would just seem so wrong). Still, it made me happy. I also squealed like a moron when they went to the impala. Which is crazy because it’s a car. But apparently that doesn’t matter.

To more important thoughts: I also loved his thoughts with Dean about death before this. I honestly believe one of the things he was worried about was staying alive, as a pacifist, and then Dean and Sam go and die fighting. And he would have to live the rest of his life knowing full well that everybody believed that he could have had a hand in keeping them alive. Giving them a better chance. But then, the other thought was coming back alive after being killed. His punishment as he called it. Dieing in this fight, coming back, and then finding out Dean and/or Sam died. And he would have to be alive in the shitty world knowing they were dead. I think that was one of the reasons he didn’t want to fight. He was scared of coming back again and Dean not being there.

May 06
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I think have decided how I think Supernatural should end. Because thinking of this made me feel better after the most recent episode. The show has gone downhill and now after the beating Cas and Destiel took, I just was a little down. We know Dean still cares, I just worry if Cas still knows that. Or, if Cas cares.

Anyway, onto my little fan made ending.

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