in regards to the frill/ribbing argument about the drell I keep seeing… aka things I think too much about #13642345234…

…the only thing I can think of is it came from ‘frilled lizard’.

Frills in relation to clothing are the flouncy ruffled kind - and the term ‘ribbed’ if we carry on with clothing similies definitely more resembles the coloured part of a drell’s throat.

But, that said, we’re talking about people here, not clothing. We’re talking about a reptillian species, and frill isn’t only used as a term for clothing. ‘Frill’ in relation to reptiles means, to borrow from wikipedia, “is the popular term for the relatively extensive margin seen on the heads of reptiles with either a bony support such as those present on the skulls of dinosaurs of the suborder Marginocephalia or a cartilaginous one as in the frill-necked lizard.”

Frilled lizards, are, of course, these guys:

Yeah, first guy doesn’t resemble drell all that much, but that second pic, you can definitely see the spikey scaled fringe from the drell on the edge of this guy’s neck frill.

So I don’t know. Perhaps that’s where it came from (I saw people using ‘frill’ far earlier than the frill friday thing started). When I think of the term in relation to drell, I think of the fringe of spikes around the coloured flesh, not that itself, which would more accurately be ribbing.

Frill is also a variety of pigeon. So you know. If you don’t like the term, don’t use it, but I don’t see why it’s causing such a ruckus. it’s just a word, and one that isn’t even that inaccurate.

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