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September 20
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Cas looked at the sleeves, they hung over his fingers instead of his wrists like they did on Dean. "Dean, this shirt is flawed." Dean looked over and laughed, reaching out to cuff them a big. "Nah, my clothes are just a little too big for you. Don't worry, we'll get you some new clothes, man. There's a goodwill up the street from here." Cas nodded. "Dean?" Dean raised his brows and hummed. "I enjoy the clothing you wear. Can we buy similar ones for me?" Dean smirked and nodded, almost bashful.

Such adorable fluff in my ask. It’s too late for these feels!

August 24
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Suton: twilight; the approach of death or the end of something.

Prompted by spitfire-teen

First attempt at Starry Sky, so hopefully it’s not a complete bust.

Used PC’s ‘canon’ name to make it easier and relatively vague.

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April 07
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Legion Fanfic


My first attempt at trying to actually write Legion. Which was odd but I am rather proud of how it was written. Posted up on Archive of our Own as well. Of course, I love comments and criticisms.

Summary: Legion growing into his own identity.

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