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May 12
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I like Quarians but I agree with this viewpoint.  I always thought Admiral Koris was right…

… I don’t agree with this at all. The thing with that Mass Effect universe is that every race is supposed to have their flaws. If you’re saying this then you have to say that the Salarians are all bad and that the Krogans deserved what they got. You’d have to say the Asari aren’t at all likeable because of the Ardat-Yakshi.

The races are believable because of the fact that they aren’t perfect and completely peaceful.

In Mass Effect 3 I didn’t have as much sympathy for the quarians as I did in other games. Not so much because they couldn’t get passed their hate for the geth but because the Reapers are there and the quarians think that’s just the perfect time to start a second war. But overall they’ve paid the price for their stupidity I think.  I mean, sure I tend to side with the geth more. But that could be because I like Legion a little more than Tali. But the quarians were believable, and that makes them sympathetic to me.

April 07
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Legion Fanfic


My first attempt at trying to actually write Legion. Which was odd but I am rather proud of how it was written. Posted up on Archive of our Own as well. Of course, I love comments and criticisms.

Summary: Legion growing into his own identity.

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