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February 18
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I can't think of anythiiiiiiing I know so much about your OTPs alreadyyyyyy uhhh let's be creative this time and go with KEIJI/OKUNI???

What about Keiji/Okuni? You know most of what I think about them. I fell in love with the two of them in SW1 a bit and then in SW2 Empires sealed the deal.

They’re sort of an open couple and are totally confident in their relationship to each other. This is actually a fairly canon approach to the two of them I think (and not just because I multiship the two of them a bit). They always come home to each other and together they feel safe and comforted and that’s the most important part. I don’t think they’re overly affectionate for each other in public, which really throws people off because they’re always off flirting with other people. Okuni likes to flirt with him still, a bit, but that’s more to see if she can still throw him off or make him blush than anything.

For all of Okuni’s innuendo’s (which she can totally back up and she is all for a tumble in the sheets) she really likes to just cuddle and touch and take the time to unwind that way. And Keiji is just a giant cuddle buddy and he’s quite happy to do that as long as she doesn’t start tickling him because he’s quite ticklish and she isn’t as much so it’s hard to get his revenge.

The two like to talk all sorts of philosophical and theological stuff. Also whatever is of interest to either of them at the time. The two don’t do well in one place with one thing as a norm and are always taking different roads and learning new things. They like to share this with each other and compare notes, so to speak.

Really they’re quite comfortable with each other and it’s easy for them to do all of this, which is what is so important to them because there is so much of a performance put on by both of them I feel. And Okuni see’s through Keiji’s, and Keiji see’s through her’s. Both characters are very honest and up front but at the same time it feels like such a defense mechanism to me to keep others at a distance and protect themselves. And so they let each other in past those defenses and that’s why I like them I guess.

But you totally knew all that already, Jen.

August 25
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30 Days of Writing

25/30: winter

So, more headcanon for ME3, and it will make more since if you’ve read summer.

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July 05
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“Depending on who Shepard is romancing at the time, when you get to where you have to help Samara with Morinth, and that particular person is in your party, that person snuck off to watch over Shepard. That is to say, if you’re playing as Female Shepard and romanced Garrus, he snuck off to some shadowy corner and has his sniper rifle trained on the back of Morinth’s head, or if you’re playing as Male Shepard and romanced Jack, she is fully ready to charge in and hit Morinth with a biotic blast.”

Submitted by kaylianaable.


It’s always been my head canon that Kasumi (maybe with Miranda’s help) steps up again and dresses Shepard up for the club. Something fitting for Shepard but still trendy and striking (not the limited outfits we have in game) and Shep’s LI isn’t so sure about using Shepard as bait and trails after them. They don’t plan on letting Shepard know because it’s Shepard and they know they probably shouldn’t be worried (Samara is there too- but it’s Samara’s daughter and can she really do it? She’s an amazing asari but the doubt lingers anyway). So they go after and protect Shepard in secret- and getting pissed (in some cases) when they have a hard time getting a good view/shot of Morinth (Jack, Tali, Miranda, Jacob, for example would have a hard time having a clear shot there at the end I think).

Then it slips out later that they trailed them and they have a little discussion about it (which changes depending on the Shep and the LI).

May 26
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Daddy Zaeed Headcanon


Another Mass Effect story. I love the idea of Zaeed as Shepard’s father. So, this was me experimenting with it. I’m not sure what else I’m going to do with it (or if I’m going to).

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May 22
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Manueluv and I are convinced Agent K is Coulson’s father. Hell, MIB is even owned by Marvel. 

April 30
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I just played through Thane’s death again


How is it not easier the second time?

I just can’t comprehend why Bioware would make Thane the only romantic LI and then proceed to kill him off almost immediately after his appearance. Sihas aren’t upset that Thane dies. No, we understood it was going to happen regardless of what our Shepards did. What we’re pissed off about is how poorly Thane as a character was handled.

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This. I feel some people think a lot of the Siha’s are upset that Thane died. Which, at least, isn’t my case. It’s that he was barely even a foot note in game. It’s that Bioware admits they did a poor job with him. He was made to be a romance option and I just cannot fathom how they did this to him. I mean, compared to some other ships he has at least a quieter fandom, if not smaller, I think (though, if that’s the case, we’ve gotten much louder after ME3).

As a fangirl I would not have complained if we were given a way for him to survive. Some transplant or something (relatively reasonable, I admit, I would need). I’d have even not complained if he wasn’t allowed on the ship (though, honestly, I wish he was). I just wanted more of him- even if he died still. Act like you care Bioware. Give us a little bit more conversation or time with him. Real dialogue for the Siha’s that fell in love with this character.

And, I admit, I would have wanted to kiss Bioware if the ending actually had Shepard walking with Thane on a beach (or, sitting at a bar and smiling to Garrus. Or whatever, you know. Something sappy to take away the shock, denial, and hurt of the ending).