I swear, every language always has

  • the sophisticated accent where everything they say sounds intelligent even if they’re saying the dumbest shit imaginable
  • the funny accent where anything they say is hilarious even if they’re describing how they’re gonna murder you
  • the unintelligible accent where even native speakers can’t make out what they’re saying half the time
  • the sexy accent where everything they say makes you want to rip your pants off and fling your crotch in their face
  • the average accent which is the accent everyone typically thinks of when the language gets mentioned
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ambedo n. a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details—raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of cream swirling in your coffee—which leads to a dawning awareness of the haunting fragility of life.


i love talking and languages and accents and laughs and how people have different pronunciations for different words and how people all have different laughs and i just really love voices


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cosmogyral: (adj.) whirling about the universe; ex: The cosmogyral galaxies are fascinating to learn about.

epalpebrate: (adj.) to lack eyebrows; ex: Many people think that Matt Smith and Mads Mikkelsen are epalpebrate.

fallaciloquence: (n.) deceitful speech; ex: His fallaciloquence was charming.

gnathonize: (v.) to flatter; ex: Don’t gnathorize me.

historiaster: (n.) a petty or worthless historian; ex: These are the inaccuracies of a historiaster.

labascate: (v.) to fall or slide down something; ex: The man labascated down the stairs.

montivagant (adj.) wandering over hills and mountains; ex: The montivagant traveller stopped to make camp.

murklins (adv.) in the dark; ex: I stumbled murklins about the house after the power went out.

selcouth: (adj.) wondrous and strange; ex: The rare artifact was a selcouth sight to see.

sinapistic (adj.) consisting of mustard; ex: I dipped my chicken nuggets in a delicious sinapistic sauce.

stiricide (n.) the falling of icicles from a house; ex: I fear stiricide when I walk out my front door in the winter.

tantivy (adv.) at full gallop, headlong; ex: I ran tantivy into the wall.

tortiloquy (n.) crooked or inappropriate speech; ex: I will not tolerate such tortiloquy in my classroom!

ultracrepidate (v.) to criticize beyond your area of knowledge; ex: The fandoms of tumblr often ultracrepidate things about the other, despite having not seen their show.

veteratorian (adj.) crafty or sneaky; ex: The traitor’s veteratorian words were realized only too late.

weequashing (v.) spearing fish by torchlight from a canoe; ex: We have spears for our weequashing trip tonight.


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