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November 27
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Look into my eyes and tell me you want me.
Tell me you’d kill for me. Anything I want.

August 31
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30 Days of Writing

28/30: Promise

So I don’t remember if Samara let’s you take a gun with you to go talk to Morinth. But I decided, thinking about it, that it makes more sense for Shepard to be packing. Nothing like the Widow or Cain. But a good solid gun (especially if Shep doesn’t have biotics). I mean they’re on Omega of all places. And if Shep’s allure is to be a dangerous killer then there should be a gun I’d think. Might be a headcanon tho, I don’t remember like I said.

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August 11
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30 Days of Writing

18/30: summer

So, complete and utter headcanon for Shrios Saturday.

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August 11
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The Lazarus Project

August 01
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30 Days of Writing

11/30: prepared

Another small 100 words. I’m on a roll with this. This is so much easier now instead of writing something long because I’ve not liked anything I’ve written lately. I feel like I’ve lost my style and it all sucks. So writing just a 100 words, I can’t mess that up as badly, I guess.

Anyway, Shrios-ish.

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July 29
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30 Days of Writing

10/30: silver

I am so behind now I’m not even going to attempt to catch up. Anyway, another 100 words exactly. Which pleases me again but then I’m easily amused like that.

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July 24
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30 Days of Writing

8/30: companion

I am a complete dog person and will admit that my dogs have seriously pulled me through some shit in the past and do help with the fuckery that is happening now. And I keep going over the other 7 posts I’ve done and I wonder if people actually don’t like those drabbles or if it’s just that I post and godawful time of like 2 in the morning so nobody see’s them. I alternate between worrying and laughing over it.

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July 23
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30 Days of Writing

6/30: flame

Nothing to really say about this one. Besides the fact that I need to stop doing most of my writing and editing around midnight.

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July 21
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30 Days of Writing

5/30: haze

Woo! I’m back on track. Let’s see how long this will last.

A quick drabble on the fight with the Shadow Broker. I was relatively dismayed that Shepard fought that beast and then walked around like nothing happened. I mean, I get the synthetics, but that had to be a damn hard fight. Especially on Shepard.

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July 21
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30 Days of Writing

4/30: Snowflake

So I am a day behind now. I couldn’t get this up yesterday. I couldn’t even make it five days. That’s good for my motivation.

Anyway- Kasumi and Shepard get around to talking about Shepards horribleways of wooing. Because Shepard says some things that are really bad in game and I never like changing that. But it’s especially good for my Nanna Shepard.

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July 17
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30 Days of Writing

2/30: Accusation

This one was a bitch to write and so it’s not going to be the best. And I know tomorrow is technically day 2 but I have about an hour until it’s tomorrow (and tomorrow might be busy). So all in all I’m only a little early and better now than being late because I couldn’t write it.

Also, as my theme as changed again (thank you anon) let me know if you can’t read it.

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May 11
11:08 1201

She sent for you last night, she heard you were calling,
Yearning in tears a thousand times.
The spirit was floating, the spirit was searching, on the cloud of dreams.

A moonbeam shines bright in the city of angels,
Guiding the dreamers back to life,
And they’ll do the same every tomorrow, till the pain subsides.

Don’t be scared now, close your eyes, she holds guard tonight.
Go on forward, no remorse, life will take its course.

The Last Dance by Within Temptation

April 07
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Legion Fanfic


My first attempt at trying to actually write Legion. Which was odd but I am rather proud of how it was written. Posted up on Archive of our Own as well. Of course, I love comments and criticisms.

Summary: Legion growing into his own identity.

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April 05
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March 23
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Squad’s reaction to Grunt becoming a full adult.

Thane is giving no fucks. And Garrus always makes me giggle.

I personally can’t believe all the humans are like “I don’t understand? What? Puberty? You sure?” and the aliens are like “Oh. Yeah. Great, hormones and puberty and shit.”