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June 29
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This is less of a confession and more of a friendly PSA to all my fellow DA fans: you can’t import your saves from Origins and DAII into DA:I traditionally. Instead, you’ll be making them via the Dragon Age Keep and importing through the internet. WOG says that we’ll be able to edit these saves “as much or as little” (a direct quote) as we like in regards to completed quests, lore, romances, etc. I just wanted everyone to know so they don’t stress themselves for a “perfect” save. Stay hyped!


Here is some more info on the DA Keep as well.

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when your favorite character survives until the end of the story



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Bad Orange: When I read about Shepard and Thane having kids I feel all crappy (I...


When I read about Shepard and Thane having kids I feel all crappy (I love reading it but since it could/would never happen I feel sad). I always get this inclination… would Thane really want to settle down with Shepard? Really? He’s done it before, he had Irikah… Kolyat. (dammit I can’t stand reading about Irikah and Thane, really gets on my tits). Maybe I’m being cynical, I just… don’t really see Thane settling down with Shep with a nice house and kids running around, it’s an idyllic paradise, sure. I don’t even know why I’m thinking about it, because tbh it doesn’t make much sense.


I even write about it, come on, I’m such a sap for a happy ending where they get married and everything is perfect.

I just really can’t picture Thane being a dad, I don’t even see him as a dad to Kolyat, and that’s canon! Maybe when I’m out of my philosophical mindset I’ll stop over analysing everything.

I reminded myself that pretty much all the aliens in mass effect breathe air. At least they all don’t need water to survive. If they do, I’m so done.

I think it greatly depends on the interpretation of Thane. I easily can (and have) written him to where he doesn’t make a good father/never really wanted to be one. He loves the ideal of family (I think that’s fairly canon) but he is unable to truly fulfill it/doesn’t want it himself. Upon having the ideal it doesn’t live up (when it is possibly forced on him I guess). And personally (no matter how I interpret him) I don’t see him doing well with the in-between stage of being a teenager. I see Thane fairly good with young children in small doses and with adults. Whether or not Thane wants to try again after missing out with Kolyat and with Irikah with Shepard (who is the type of woman that can handle and deal with anything he brings to the table more or less- he doesn’t have to really lead a double life) is up to where you’d want to go with Thane.

As for Shep, that’s greatly left on us. I can see a Shepard tired and wanting to live on a rural planet and be done with things. Have some pets (Urz!) and maybe a kid, go off hunting somewhere to shoot things on the planet, ect. But basically calm it all down. Or have a Shep that just can’t and continues off to be like Zaeed for whatever is left of their life (course, I think retired Shep would be more dangerous than a Shep that is out still going, but that’s just me). But Shep has their kid in Grunt and Thane has Kolyat. Both Kolyat and Grunt are the perfect age/capabilities to deal with Shep and Thane as they are and I don’t see Shep or Thane needing a kid.

My personal favorite thing ever (as an aside) is introducing Kolyat to his brother-in-law Grunt.

Can I ask what about Irikah is a bother to you tho?

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christians against final fantasy

what does sex-scented even mean

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thank u free country usa god bless

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God Bless America

Looks like he’ll have to decide if the accused committed a feliney…