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March 13
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Beautiful Words (C)

When I call a word beautiful, sometimes it refers to the meaning behind the word. Sometimes it refers to how the word sounds as it rolls over the tongue.

Now with words about teasing flirts, sexy admirable butts, and dramatic singing. Which is why (C) is one of my favorites.

Caballero: (n) skilled horseman, gentleman, cavalier

Cabaret: (n) a restaurant with live entertainment

Cadence: (n) rhythmic flow of the sounds of language, lilt

Cadenza: (n)  musical or literary improvisation

Caesious: (adj) blue-gray

Caesura: (n) a pause in a line of verse

Calico: (n/adj) coarse, brightly printed cloth, a type of pattern

Caliginous: (adj) misty, dim, obscure, dark, gloomy, tenebrous

Calliope: (n) musical instrument fitted with steam whistles, played from a keyboard

Callipygian: (adj) having a beautiful, admirable, or sexy butt

Callow: (adj) immature, green, lacking experience, naïve

Calypso: (n) rare orchid, a tribal and fervid dance

Canticle: (n) a song, poem, or hymn, usually of a church choir

Capriccio: (n) music, improvisation, without adherence to rules

Capriccioso: (n) music, lively and free of restraint, restriction, or direction

Capricious: (adj) impulsive, whimsical, unpredictable

Caress: (v) touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner

Cartesian: (adj/n) of or relating to the philosophy of Descartes

Catena: (n) closely linked series, connected series of related things, especially of writing

Cavil: (v/n) to object or criticize adversely for trivial reasons, flimsy objection or qualm

Cedilla: (n) diacritic beneath word to alter pronunciation “façade”

Celadon: (n) pale green

Celeripedean: (adj) quick-footed, swift, fast-running

Celerity: (n) speed, alacrity, briskness

Cello: (n) large, stringed instrument that generates deep tones

Cellulite: (n) fatty deposit causing a dimpled appearance, as around the thighs or buttocks

Cenotaph: (n) an unmarked grave

Cerulean: (adj/n) watery blue

Cerumen: (n/adj) yellow, wax-like secretion from the external ears, “earwax”

Cessation: (n) pause, interruption, ceasing, ending

Chamois: (n) goatlike antelope, type of cloth for cleaning

Champagne: (n) bubbling alcohol with fruity taste

Chandelier: (n) ceiling-mounted light fixture or glass structure

Chantpleure: (v) to cry while singing, to cry and sing simultaneously

Chariot: (n) two or four-wheeled, horse-drawn war or procession vehicle

Chartreuse: (n/adj) swampy green

Chatoyant: (adj) like or resembling a cat’s eye

Cheilion: (n) the corner of the mouth or oral cavity

Chiaroscuro: (n) composition of strong contrasts in light and dark

Chiasmus: (n) rhetorical, inverse sentence, “One should eat to live, not live to eat”

Cicada: (n) loud, locust-like insect that chirrups

Cinder: (n) burned substance, one which is no longer capable of combustion

Cinnabar: (adj/n) bright red, glowing red

Cinquefoil: (n) five-leaved, plant with limbs that are five-leaved, five-pointed leaves

Circlet: (n) ring-shaped ornament or piece of jewelry, especially for the head

Circuitous: (adj) having a circular or winding course, indirect, roundabout

Cistern: (n) an underground reservoir

Cithara: (n) ancient Greek instrument, like a lyre

Clandestine: (adj) kept secretly or done secretively

Clarion: (n) medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones, clear and shrill, loud burst of sound

Clavicle: (n) the collarbone of a human

Clavilux: (n) machine that generates light via music

Clemency: (n) mercy, an act of mercy, showing mercy

Clerisy: (n) the well-educated or learned class, intelligentsia, cognoscenti

Clinquant: (adj) glittering as gold, glittering with tinsel, showily ornate

Clithridiate: (adj) keyhole-shaped, resembling a keyhole

Cloister: (n) monastatic establishment, convent of living

Coalesce: (v) to fuse, intersect, or entwine to create a unity

Coelacanth: (n) prehistoric fish still alive today

Coercion: (v) the act of coercing, the use of pressure, threats, blackmail, or intimidation

Collectanea: (n) selection of pieces of writing by an author or by several authors

Colloquial: (adj) informal, as in speech, conversationally informal

Coloratura: (n) elaborate or technical vocal music with florid ornamentation

Conciliabule: (n) secret meeting of conspirators

Conciliate: (v) to win over from a state of hostility or distrust, appease

Concinnity: (n) harmony in the arrangement or fitness of parts with respect to a whole

Concupiscence: (n) lasciviousness, lewdness, ardent lust

Congelifraction: (v) splitting or disintegration of rocks as a result of the freezing of the water

Convalesce: (v) to recover or recuperate, recover from a serious injury

Copse: (n) thicket of small trees or shrubs, a coppice, small wood, a tree

Coquelicot: (n) plant, red poppy

Coquette: (n) woman who makes teasing sexual or romantic overtures, a flirt or tease

Cordillera: (n) group of mountain ranges forming a mountain system of great linear extent

Coriander: (n) aromatic herb, herb used in a variety of perfumes

Coruscate: (v) sparkle, reflect brightly, shimmer

Coterie: (n) tightly-knit group of persons having a common purpose or interest, cadre, clique

Craquelure: (n) fine pattern of dense cracking formed on the surface of paintings

Crescendo: (n/adv/v) music, gradual increase of tempo, volume, or intensity

Cumulonimbus: (n) type of cloud that augurs, foretells, or indicates bad weather

Curlicue: (n) fancy curl or twist, flourish of writing

Cursive: (n) flowing, effusive, wavy, type on handwriting in English

Cyan: (n/adj) greenish-blue

Cyaneous: (adj/n) deep blue, cerulean

Cygnet: (n) a baby swan, young swan

Cynophilist: (n) dog-lover, one who loves or appreciates dogs

Cypress: (n) swampy tree or plant, plant or tree occurring in swamps

Cytherean: (adj) pertaining to beauty or the goddess, Aphrodite

Czigany: (n) gypsy, Hungarian gypsy