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September 28
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i think shrios #12 would be really cute hhhhhh
yea but what about naked #12 >:]
it’s 3AM
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August 16
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what if shepard gets a cold and thane can’t help but silently freak out every time she has a coughing fit

What if Thane is actually very clingy to shepard sometimes and is the worried boyfriend..

"Siha, n0"

"Siha, you know what happened last time you were riding grunt into battle"

"Siha, don’t drink too much…"

"Siha, please don’t do that.."


August 02
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little sketch of cass with her space boyfriend thane since she’s been feeling down <3

CASS I LOVE YOU. If I were a sexy space frog assassin with psychotropic properties I would never stop hugging you. 

July 23
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thane is amazed at how little she knows herself. how she seems unaware of the flow of her body or the mesmerizing hitch in her breath just before she pulls the trigger. how she pulls others to her and lets them orbit for just long enough, and how she sends them back out with something whole that hadn’t been before.

he is amazed at how she flinches when he kisses down her spine, and how she seems astonished by her own body’s reactions to his touch. he is amazed that she does not seem to know her own heat or strength. when her nails bite into his skin he shivers, and he is amazed that she seems surprised by the reactions she causes in him.

thane is amazed by shepard, nearly always. and he is mostly amazed at the way she sees only half of herself — only the destruction, the death and carnage. he knows what that half-life is like, and he amazes himself for the first time in years when he decides to help her find her other half.

May 15
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another Shrios because ME2 is ruining me.
sorry a bit nsfw! i was too happy with the anatomy ;__;

oh and i made myself horribly sad too..

April 15
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The stars formed countless patterns across her pale skin. They marked her cheeks with murky depths, her shoulders with darkened sea skies. Along her spine they spun tales of desert storms, pooling at the small of her back to form a desperate man’s oasis. Down her legs they traveled, wandering with no true direction to the unknown end; the very tips of her toes.

The stars on her skin kept him occupied for hours. Some of his favorites were the ones that dusted over her stomach like little footprints on a white shore. She wouldn’t let him touch them- they were off limits as she was sensitive there- but he loved to admire them. He picked out shapes- hearts, a partially smiling face, diamonds- and admired her galaxy from afar.

The best time to stargaze was while she slept, curled up next to him and completely at ease. She trusted him- knew him as one knew their own palm- and so she slept without worry or care. He’d wait until her breathing evened out, lips parted as the breaths rolled over the sensitive flesh torn from her own teeth. The day’s complications that had formed in creases on her forehead would vanish, leaving her sky clear to admire.

He’d start at her nose, following the curve of the bridge all the way to the dainty tip, placing a chaste kiss right atop a cluster of stars. His lips would then fall down to her own, contact feather light so that she would not awaken. A few stars were scattered near her lips, following her jawline and dancing across her neck in long strides. Her hands were always placed near or on his chest, and as his fingers followed the path of stars from her shoulders and down her arms, she’d shiver slightly, but never waking. From her elbows, he’d skip to the dip of her waist, being careful not to stir a reaction from her. Her hips had hardly any stars to discover, but her thighs were consumed by black holes and supernovas. The rest of her legs stayed tangled with his, keeping their bodies close, afraid he wouldn’t be there when she awoke the next morning- but he didn’t mind. He already had the stars there mapped out in his head.

For all the stargazing he did, he never spoke to her about it. She hated her stars and the constellations they made. She hated the way her cheeks marked ocean waves, her shoulders cloudy skies. She hated the desert tales spun down her spine, the cool pond at the small of her back. And she hated the mindless wandering down her legs that ended at the tips of her toes. She would crinkle her nose at the mention of them, ignoring the praises of beauty they would receive.

"They’re just blemishes, Thane," She’d mumble, hiding her body away under her white sheets. "They aren’t anything special." But they were, because each star was a part of her.

And she was his most favorite constellation of all.

October 18
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thane’s life is an extended out-of-body experience.

every kill echoes through his past. he has so many memories of eyes going blank and dead that they all merge together; when he slips into one memory, he slips into them all.

he has experienced so much that he experiences nothing.

but shepard, his warrior-goddess, is like no memory he has. he jolts into the present when he sees her from his perch in the ventilation ducts. he is returned to his body, tasting the air he breathes, feeling the weight of his gun on his back and the spark of biotics in his palms.

the world is vivid again, and he tracks her when she disappears around a corner, leaving his past in his wake like breadcrumbs — so he can find his way back, just in case.

January 23
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Fandom: Mass Effect 3

Pairing: Shrios

Prompt: Just Say Yes- Snow Patrol. Any OTP

Bekah sent this prompt and I decided to dabble back into Mass Effect and Shrios. I have a horrible fascination with a Shepard that is really being broken down and just so tired by ME3 and how Thane pushing her away and the fight would make her feel especially. The comfort and safe haven something she would maybe need and then expecting it when she gets the email only for the conversation every Thanemancer dreads. The song referenced more probably the subtle context of what their argument was. But I decided to focus much more on the conclusion.

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November 29
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Zet vs 30 Days - Transformation


Beginning | Accusation | Restless | Snowflake | Haze | Flame | Formal | Companion | Move | Silver | Prepared | Knowledge | Denial | Wind | Order | Thanks | Look | Summer | Transformation | Tremble | Sunset | Mad | Thousand | Outside | Winter | Diamond | Letters | Promise | Simple | Future


Inspired by Florence and the Machine.  All the Thane feels.  All of them.  They just came to me while I was sanding and then this song and I just ugh.

Writing would be easier if I could just send brainwaves into my PC and have it magically write things for me as I go about my day.

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I needed a good dose of feels and amazing writing before bed. Thank you.

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use my otp to break my heart



Bonus points if you can do it in three sentences or less.

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S: Last one, I promise. The left or the right.

T: Siha, if you aren’t done packing the next fifteen mintures I’m leaving in the cab.

S: Thane this is important!  D:<

T: So is our timely check-in at the hotel. I’ll see you there then, Shepard.

S: Don’t ‘Shepard’ me, Krios

October 31
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AU. I haven’t written Mass Effect in ages so let’s see how this Shrios works.

Thane Krios was uninterested in the party around him. The music was soft, the lights bright, and all the guests in their colorful dresses sliding along in time. He sipped the glass of wine and attempted to find his target. The turian was nowhere to be seen and that was troublesome. He pulled at his cravat with a slight frown.

Then he heard the commotion and turned. First he saw his target, the dark turian standing proudly as the masses scattered. The old turian glared at the human that walked away from him. She was proud, straight, and held his attention. No- she demanded the attention of those around with her presence. She wasn’t as beautiful as some of the women present, perhaps. But she was stronger, bigger, brighter. And Thane couldn’t look away.

She noticed him when she had her glass, skirting away from anybody that tried to strike up a conversation. Her face scrunching up if somebody was stubborn. Thane watched, especially after the turian had retired to the upper stairs. She wasn’t dainty as she drank, doing a double take when she spotted him and eyes wide. He sipped his wine, eyeing her with a smile of his own.

She smiled in return as she made her way to him. “Good evening,” she said, extending a hand to him.

He slid his hand in hers and then was surprised when she beat him to it, bending down to kiss his. “Good evening,” he said, voice quieter in his surprise than he would like.

She straightened, smirking at him. “I’d ask you to dance, sir, but I just don’t.”

He quickly found ground, taking his hand back as he took to memory the feel of her lips. “I would take your name instead, please.”

She took a moment, as if mulling over if she would tell him. “Might as well get it out of the way then. Shepard. Yes, the Shepard.”

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September 19
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Zet vs 30 Prompts - Denial


Beginning | Accusation | Restless | Snowflake | Haze | Flame | Formal | Companion | Move | Silver | Prepared | Knowledge | Denial | Wind | Order | Thanks | Look | Summer | Transformation | Tremble | Sunset | Mad | Thousand | Outside | Winter | Diamond | Letters | Promise | Simple | Future

I confess I’m not really using these 30 words as prompts.  More like having an idea and sitting here trying to think which prompt best reflects what I wrote.

This is deeply personal.  Having sex is hard for me.  Mildly nsfw under the cut.

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