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Snippet: Guest

So more of Pasha. Third time I’ve posted with him and Ariel now (this one even as Sinclair, Ariel’s sister). Had fun with this- Sinclair is enjoyable in a horrible sort of way.

Pasha is forced to be a guest in Sinclair’s home. As such, he’s forced to have a little chat with the demonic woman.

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Posted on Jun 05— 1 year ago
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Behind a fall are cave paintings and strange people.


Original snippet featuring two original characters of mine.

Meet female werewolf Caianne Rayelle Decanus and male elf Thackery Nairn Embry

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A lovely snippet about original characters meeting (and not wanting to kill each other which pretty much means I didn’t write it- somebody who is amazing did so read it). Honestly, it’s sweet. I very much enjoyed reading i.

Posted on Jun 03— 1 year ago