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September 18
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September 18
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"I'm sending our best members out there. That's what a team should do...You can focus on the 100m free."

September 18
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I never thought I'd be swimming in a relay again.

September 18
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That very sweet moment between Haru and Makoto in bed.

August 21
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August 21
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I don’t think Rin was being a dick to Haru on this scene, at least not on purpouse, and the reason is because he probably wasn’t even thinking about Haru at all when he said this but just about how he finally defeated him. About how he can finally go to his dad grave and look at it with a big smile while saying "I did it, now I’m one step closer to achieve your dream!" because now that he surpassed Haru he can finally move on, he can chase his dream freely without asking himself just how good can he really be when an old friend can defeat him without even trying, so it’s very likely that he was being self-centered and was so blind with the joy that didn’t even noticed what his words really meant to Haru and how his heart was breaking in front of him

I can understand why is easier for people to just hate him and label him as a fucking asshole for what he did,but now that i saw his backstory I just can’t bring myself to hate him even now. Not one bit.

I don’t think that many people hate him, I think we’re all disappointed and sad for Haru. I get that he’s come to a goal he had a hard time passing, and his excitement is called for, but he was definitely thinking when he said that to Haru. I mean, just look at the caps you took. When he says ‘Never.’ He’s staring right at him, watching the pain cross Haru’s face, and he knows what he’s saying. Rin isn’t stupid and he knows what he’s doing. 

Just…wow, the caps explain it better than I can. He never would have said it twice, punctuating the point that he was never going to swim with Haru again (never be his friend, at least in Haru’s mind) if he didn’t mean it. I don’t think that many of us hate him, and yeah he was being an asshole, so I think that should be looked at/pointed out and I really hope Rin realizes his mistake and apologizes.

He has room to redeem himself, but I don’t think excusing his actions helps anything. 

Rin is being an asshole. He is being hurtful. He is purposefully looking down at Haru. Rin made sure to get out of the pool to stand up and look down at Haru so he could tell him that (previously they talked in the lanes- not this time). And then he said it twice for emphasis. Rin was very purposeful in this scene. Rin is making it a very big point that he beat Haru, that he thinks himself now better than Haru, and that Haru’s usefulness is done. He repeats the word never after fucking demanding previously that Haru swim for him. Haru was not his friend- Haru was a goal. Rin made their relationship unhealthy. He pulled and forced Haru into a situation that basically messed up Haru for years.

Haru, who loves water, did not swim competitively because of Rin. Now he is forced into swimming again by Rin. There is three options that could have come out of this. Haru could hurt Rin again, Rin could beat him and then leave or Rin could pull his head out of his ass, see beyond his nose, and grow up. Rin chose to leave.

Again. Rin left for Australia but that didn’t hurt. Rin had to go. When Haru beat him and Rin reacted badly- that’s when Rin left and that’s when everything became a problem. Even before that moment Haru was a goal- and Rin in a way probably blames Haru for being unbeatable before this episode. Because Rin doesn’t understand how Haru can be good and not do anything with it (which is in reference to the conversation he had with Nitori). 

Rin has never been there for Haru- not really. Not even in High Speed. Haru was a goal, a marker, and now that he’s beaten Haru Rin is casting him aside like he’s nothing. Rin is being selfish and he’s being toxic to Haru who cares. We’ve seen in previous episodes that Haru is reticence, stoic, reserved, but he cares. Rin used that to make Haru swim- demanded Haru swim after it was Rin that hurt him. Rin hurt him and then demanded he swim for him. And now he’s basically kicked Haru to the side. He’s done with him.

And he repeated the word twice to make sure Haru got it. Rin said it until he got a reaction- because Rin knows Haru well enough to look for the reaction. Rin is toxic to Haru. Rin is an asshole. A selfish asshole. This does not make him a bad character (character vs person here). All it does is make him bad for Haru (to most other people he’s not a raging hurtful asshole). He can still grow, redeem himself, and even fix this problem maybe. But here he was hurtful. And on purpose. He goes into every conversation with Haru aggressively and knowing what he says matters to Haru. He had to know what he was saying here.

It’s not that everybody has to hate Rin for what he did. For what he’s done. Nobody ever has to hate Rin. But his mistakes and his faults shouldn’t be glossed over because he has daddy issues. Nor should he be blindly hated either.

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August 14
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so our shota boy turns into a manly man in times of crisis (◡‿◡✿)

August 14
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Mako-chan! You finally smiled (◦’◡’◦)

August 14
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August 14
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haru being overprotective of his boyfriend (◡‿◡✿)

August 14
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"is that a squid constellation?"
"where's the mackerel constellation?"
"neither of those exist."