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I have no idea what I’m doing.

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poison-ninja replied to your post: hohohoho lurv joo

playing dirty is so fun see. you liek it too. kisses

Unf. No. I’m mad at you.

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“Lt. Colonel Hughes is such a doting father…
and kind of annoying because he’s so meddlesome.”
“He always came to poke fun at you in your hospital room, didn’t he?”
“Seriously, he’s always saying he’s busy with work,
Yet he paid me a visit every day.”
“We have to thank him next time.”

Posted on Aug 01— 1 year ago
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Posted on Jul 15— 1 year ago

Favorite Firefly OTP’s — Wash and Zoë

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Thor kinda breaks my heart in this scene. His brother is about to use him to “test if gods are immortal”, and he just stands there in stunned silence. He doesn’t threaten Loki or try to reason with him. But he does cry. (it’s hard to tell from the blurry cam gifs)


Everyone always focuses on leaky Loki and him being the one to be shedding the lone manly tear in the scenes like this (with good reason, of course), but I don’t think we’ve ever seen Thor as lost or as resigned as he is here.

He’s not pleading or shouting or raging, he’s just silently accepting the fact that his brother has succumbed so completely to whatever madness the Tesseract and Thanos have inflicted on him.

I think it also has a lot to do with the fact that he blames himself for what’s happened to his brother. Because, all things considered, a great deal of Loki’s anger and sense of betrayal stems from him.

So this moment is him deciding to allow Loki to have this. To have a victory over the mighty Thor. To step out of the shadows once and for all, regardless of whether or not the cost may be his own life.


Thor, baby, let me hug you.

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This is also the very first MLP plushie to feature a special hole in her butt that you can stick your penis in! It has a circumference of a little over 6.5” and a depth of about 6”. You can pull it inside-out for cleaning but it is highly recommended you don’t finish inside her as fleece can be quite difficult to clean! The clothing also serves as a great way to keep the hole concealed so you don’t have to keep her hidden in a closet somewhere!


Posted on May 28— 1 year ago